Affiliate Disclosure

This Blog is my hobby it isn’t a business. I do not earn a living from affiliate links, advertising revenue or sponsored posts.

I’ve had a poker blog for many years and I switched to this new one so I could start to blog about my Matched Betting and more recently my Betfair Trading progress.

I started writing a trading update each month from October 2019 for my own benefit, not for anyone else.

Learning how to trade has proved to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to master, so to make sure I take it seriously I record my P&L and show it on my blog.

Affiliate Links Etc

On this website I have some affiliate links etc but they are not posted purely to make money. If I was doing this blog for those reasons then it would be the lowest paid work imaginable.

I never just link to something to make money.

If I post a link it’s because I think it will be useful to people who are interested in the topics I’m writing about. I link to websites that don’t have affiliate schemes just as often, if not more so, than ones that do.

When linking to a website or service I believe in, if it has an affiliate scheme available then I’d be bonkers not to apply to join it. If I’m sending people their way in any case, why not get a commission if it’s available?

Any commission this site generates goes towards the running costs of this website. (Hosting, Domain renewal etc)

I am currently a member of the following affiliate schemes.

Matched Betting

OddsMonkey: You can sign up for a free trial via this link: OddsMonkey


Bet Angel (BA)

SportsTrader (ST)

Companies I don’t have affiliate deals with

I have in the past written reviews on some trading/training courses I’ve tried. Hunting for Profit and Back for Profit (B4P) being the main two.

Neither of those trading/training academies have affiliate schemes but I wrote a review on them anyway, because I thought other traders would find them useful.

I have promoted those reviews on social media and in the case of B4P I will continue to do so.

I am still a member of B4P and it is the best trading method I’ve ever tried and therefore I will continue to strongly advocate for it. (Read my review of Back For Profit here.)

I promote it because Andrew who runs it has a fantastic product but hardly anyone seems to know about it.

I’m still relatively new to B4P but he has turned my trading around and I couldn’t be more pleased.

That is the only reason why I fully and wholeheartedly endorse Back for Profit*.

My Commission Earnings

From Oddsmonkey over the last 5 years I’ve earned just under £100.

I no longer bother blogging about my Matched Betting so I’ve not received a commission payment from them for over 12 months now.

(I used to promote them heavily on my old site)

From Bet Angel and SportsTrader I’ve earned a total of ZERO. (As of 10/05/2024) See screen shots below.

Bet Angel Affiliate Scheme.
My Total Bet Angel Commission Earnings

The screenshot below shows my ST earnings (also zero) you can just see the number of people who’ve clicked the link. Since I signed up. No conversions.

 Sports Trader Affiliate Scheme
My total Sports Trader commission earnings

*In the interests of full disclosure

When attending the Bet Angel “meet and greet” which I reviewed here, I was given a Bet Angel mug.

The reason why I recommend people use BA though is because of the four different trading software types I’ve used I believe its the best.

After I’d written and posted up the B4P review Andrew (the owner) said he’d like to post me something as a “thank you”. I said there’s no need I didn’t do the review to get anything from it.

However he said “its not much, I was just going to send you a B4P mug”.

That was the clincher, who doesn’t want a free mug! So I graciously accepted his kind offer!

B4P Mug

NB: I paid for my own custard creams, though if I’m honest I could be tempted to write something nice about almost any company, if they gave me custard creams.