• Betfair Trading Strategy Back to Lay
    Betfair Trading

    Betfair Trading Strategy – Back To Lay In Play Horse Racing

    I’d say 98% of my trades are Lay to Backs (L2B) but today I did a rare (for me) Back to Lay (B2L) trade. As luck would have it I’d left the recorder on my screen going so I was lucky to catch a relatively successful B2L trade. In truth I didn’t trade it anywhere near perfectly but I’ve posted the video on YouTube and in this post because I think it has some merit in discussing it. Also if you wait for me to do a perfect B2L it with the recorder going you might be waiting a long time! I just happened to have the recorder going because…

  • Chalk and Cheese Trading
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Chalk & Cheese, from 3 years ago

    I’ve always believed that if you want to improve and develop any skill you don’t just need to do it often, you should also review/analyse your performance. I record my screen when trading quite often to re-watch them later, and I talk to my mentor about trades whenever I can. Even though I know I’ve improved a lot over the last 3 or 4 years something happened recently that gave me a bit of a shock. I logged into my personal Facebook on about the 2nd or 3rd of January and was offered the chance to share a memory from 31st Dec 2019. It was a screenshot I’d shared on…

  • Illogic and foolish emotions
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Illogic and foolish emotions

    Although I’ve been profitable each month for a long time now, I’ve not managed yet to go an entire month without having at least one red day. (I don’t count April, June and August of this year because I traded very few days then.) Now the summer (busy work time) is over I’m back to trading nearly every day. During November I really thought I was going to do it, but on Saturday 26th I made a mess of a trade and it cost me a red day to spoil the month. I was so annoyed with myself I can’t tell you. Luckily, I couldn’t trade on the Sunday or…

  • Back in the swing
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Back in the swing

    I’ve had a very enjoyable month trading throughout October. As I said in my last update (read the post here) I had a trading plan and I’m pleased to say I stuck very closely to it. It was great to be back in the Telegram room with the guys and girls. They have always been a terrific bunch and just lately we have had an influx of nice new members. I don’t know why for sure but there always seems to be more people join the group during the jumps season. I do prefer the jumps myself for in-running trading and I guess maybe others do too. Stuck to the…

  • Break Time is Over
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Break Time is Over!

    So after a work induced summer sabbatical, I plan on starting to trade on the Betfair exchange again. My work has gone better than I could have hoped for over the last 6 months, but now it’s entering the off season. This means I should have a bit more time to resume my trading. My Trading Plan I’m a believer in the idea that you have to have a trading plan when trading so I thought I’d share mine. The reason for this is, to make sure I stick to it! I always feel I have to try harder if I write it down and share it here. Horse Races,…

  • Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    My shortest update ever

    Cause for celebration! My business which has struggled throughout the pandemic has suddenly taken off again and I’ve been incredibly busy. On the downside it has been almost impossible for me to trade during the weekdays. Therefore, I thought I’d do what may be my last update for a while. My business is seasonal and now through till September will be very busy. That suits me as I prefer the jumps so when things quieten down I will be in time for the jumps season. I thought maybe I could spare an hour each day, and I might be able to work that in when I get into a routine,…

  • Back For Profit 2 years
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Two Years with Back for Profit

    I joined the Back for Profit (B4P) in-running (IR) trading academy run by Andrew Banthorpe on the 19th of Feb 2020, so two years in I thought I’d do an update. Trading wise it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m doing this post as a thank you and to bang the drum for his service because I think he deserves it. If you haven’t read them here is my first review and second review a year in. What has B4P done for me? It has transformed me as a trader from being a long-term consistent loser to being a rock-solid grinder. At the start of each month, I don’t…

  • Betfair Trading

    Applying the Blinkers

    An unusual post, as this one is not written by me! Below are Denise Dennison’s views on how her trading has developed over the last year or so. I’ll let you read it first then add my two pence worth at the end. Denise Dennison: My trading story. I joined Back for Profit in September 2020. Previously I had followed another trader I had seen on Twitter posting “green screens” and offering the chance to learn how to trade all day every day for consistent profits. I started following those teachings in April 2018 and persevered even though I was consistently losing. A friend suggested BFP so I joined. I…

  • Betfair Trading

    18 Swallows

    I really need to think of a more imaginative title for these updates! It’s been 6 months since my last update, so I thought I’d do a quick one. My trading has been in a holding pattern since my last update and I’m merely plodding along quite steadily with nothing exciting to report. I’m at the stage now where I’m as sure as I can be that I’m going to be green each month. How much I might win is dependant on a few factors but my stakes (I use liability not fixed stakes) haven’t changed in the last six months.  You can read my last post here if you…

  • 12 Swallows
    Betfair Trading

    Twelve Swallows

    July 2020 – June 2021 Trading Update Thought this would be a good time to do an update on my Betfair In-Running trading as this gets me to 12 consecutive green months. It’s times like this when I feel the benefit of having this blog as it does make me pause and review what I’ve done trading wise every now and then. I lost chunks when I first started trading and there were many times when I never thought I’d manage this level of consistency but now the idea of having a losing month doesn’t enter my mind. It seems quite big headed to say this, but I feel I…

  • Poker

    What’s sadder than not being able to play live poker?

    Well, the simple answer is, when you can play live poker but what’s on offer is so far from what you want, you should avoid it. In this article I cover… Why after a year+ without playing live, just how bad Grosvenor’s tournament options have to be that I don’t want to play them. Why competition between casino chains/cardrooms, is so important. A shout out to Rob Yong for making the right decision about DTD. A brief background on me I’ve not done a poker post for a while so for those that don’t know. I’m 61 years old and sat down at a poker table for the first time…

  • 8 Swallows Betfair Trading
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Eight Swallows: Betfair Trading

    My February 2021, Trading Update. For anyone who has read this blog on a regular basis I thank you for following along with my progress. I still intend to post from time to time going forward but this will be the last regular full monthly update. Without giving too much away about how I trade, when I do enter a trade there has to be a strong reason(s) for me to enter the market and if while I’m in the trade that reason disappears then rather than wait and hope I just immediately trade out. Well, the strong reason for me starting to record my progress on this blog has…

  • Back for Profit 1 year review
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Back For Profit: 1 Year Review

    B4P 1 Year Review Exactly one year ago (19th Feb 2020) I joined the Back for Profit Trading Academy. So here is my B4P review one year in. If you haven’t already done so you should probably read my original review here first, as it is quite detailed. Back 4 Profit It took me a while to get to where I am now but thank heaven, I finally found B4P. I have recorded my monthly updates (my trading report) on this blog so you can see exactly how I’ve done month on month even from before I joined B4P. I joined B4P on February 19th, 2020 and did what most…

  • Four King Hell
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Four King Hell

    F me. This is getting a bit serious now. Not too much to say about my exchange trading this month, except I cracked the four-figure mark for the first time. Notably the lowest number of trades I’ve done in a month by some margin and yet my most profitable month since I started trading. The lower number of trades was helped by a few more days off than usual, but the main reason was because I really tightened up after last month’s poor performance discipline wise. I didn’t go into detail in last months blog and I won’t this time either, but Andrew (my mentor) was absolutely furious with me…

  • Good Bad and Ugly Betfair Trading
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    The Good the Bad & the Ugly

    OK so here is my trading update for Dec 2020. This was a month that had a bit of everything thrown into the mix. I’ve done a quick video with my thoughts on some of the highs and lows which you can view at the bottom of the post. (Read my November update here if you missed it) If making mistakes is learning, which it should be, then I’ve learned a fair bit this month. Dropped a few howlers in December with some of my biggest reds of the year. After my last feedback session with Andrew I feel like I’m still a million miles from where I need to…

  • Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Trading on Betfair: My Progress

    OK so this is Novembers update. The month started off quite badly and could have sent me into a downward spiral but fortunately with a well-timed phone call, a disaster was avoided. November ended up being my fifth consecutive profitable month and finished of well in the end. I’ll give my thoughts in the video at the bottom of this post where you can hear in more detail what happened this month. As Bruce would say “Here are the all-important scores on the doors.” The daily breakdown is here and there is a quick summary at the bottom but the Video contains more info and details on my plan of…

  • Onwards and Upwards
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Onwards & Upwards

    My October In-Running Trading Update. Going to try something a little different this month by doing a lot of the update via video! The daily update (which I write each day immediately after trading) is here the same as usual but at the bottom of the post instead of me writing my summary and thoughts I’ve posted a video. Headline figures: Fourth Consecutive winning month and my best month since I started trading. Oct 1st Starting Bank £1,204.33 Was really tired after a late night and missed an easy trade as I was half asleep on the second race I watched. Got one on the third race (Tide Times. Warwick…

  • The End of the beginning.
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    The End of the Beginning

    My September In-Running (IR) Trading Update OK so here we go again. After two winning months in a row I knew I had to work extra hard to maintain that. I figured that if I can get to three months of consecutive green that can’t be a fluke can it? Each month though no matter how well you did last month the clock re-sets to zero and it’s time to go again! At the bottom of this post are my thoughts for moving forward and a decision I’ve got to make about my blog. This Month’s Headline Figures Just one Red day, three days where I watched some races but…

  • Two Swallows Trading
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Two Swallows

    My August update on my trading journey. I was going to entitle this post “That difficult second album” as after a successful month last month (Read July’s update here) I was feeling a bit under pressure at the start of the month to maintain my progress and improve still further this month. As the month got underway, I quickly forgot about that and just carried on as I was before. The great thing about doing % of bank is as you win (even small amounts) the bank and your sakes just steadily grow over time so you never need to worry about increasing stakes. It just takes care of itself.…

  • One Swallow July Trading Update
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    One Swallow

    July Update: My Betfair (BF) trading update for July 2020. This is the most positive update I’ve had yet. I feel sure I’ve taken a good step forward this month, but I know that one profitable month doesn’t make me a winning trader. I can’t be certain that losing months are behind me, but if I can maintain this method/mindset of trading then there is no reason why they wouldn’t be. June was a weird month in many ways (Read June Update Here) but July has been much better for trading In-Running (IR) I feel. July though has thrown up a lot more opportunities for easy trades. We are getting…

  • Run Like a Drain Trading Update June
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Back to Trading School

    After messing around during May with the US racing I knew that June and the re-start of UK & Irish racing would be like the first day back at school. Not too sure how I should feel about my June Exchange Trading performance, but I am very disappointed with myself. In my update of last month’s trading (read May’s update here) the last paragraph said I was expecting a Green month and I finished by saying “One thing I can confidently predict is, I won’t be having 6 Red days that’s for sure.” Well, I had seven Red days and although it wasn’t by much I was in the Red…

  • Limbo Trading
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Limbo Trading

    Here is my May 2020 Betfair trading update. Away from trading I’ve suddenly got incredibly busy with my online business so doing the US races early evenings has suited me well throughout May. Although I’ve enjoyed the US racing and had “fun” with it, it has felt like I’m in limbo just passing time, waiting for the UK & Irish racing to return. Bottom line for May A very disappointing 6 Red days and an overall Red month of £61.89 After a couple of bad reds, I dropped my liability dramatically on the 11th May, and that virtually locked in a red for the month. I wasn’t interested in chasing…

  • Norris McWhirter from the Guinness Book of Records
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Record Breaker

    My April Trading Update The headline news is that April was a record-breaking trading month for me. Sounds great but I only won £94.98 so I’m not getting over excited. *For the youngsters reading this who have no idea who the guy in the image above is I’ll tell you at the bottom of the post. (You’ll have to read it all now) After 16 months of trading it’s only my 2nd ever green month so a win is a win as they say. I switched to In-Running (IR) about a year ago on 26th April 2019. I’ve used trial and error and switched and tweaked strategies over the last…

  • Trading Milestone
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Trading Milestone

    I bought Tony Hargraves’s “In-Running Guide” on the 26th April 2019 and barring holiday’s, the odd day off for a poker tournament and days with no racing I’ve traded In-Running (IR) almost every day since. Prior to IR I tried pre-race scalping for about four months. Happy Birthday So I’ve completed a year now and so far I’ve had one green month. This month though barring late slip ups should be my second green month. That should be proof enough to show it’s not easy, regardless of what people might tell you. It requires some skill (race reading ability) which takes a lot of screen time to master, it requires…

  • Betfair Trading

    A Few Dollars More

    I’ve done a review, including some videos, of what it’s like to trade the US horse races via Betfair now that the UK & Irish meetings are all off. Under normal circumstances there is very low liquidity on most of the international races but since the UK and Irish racing totally stopped, it has really picked up. When I first looked at the US racing it wasn’t even getting £100,000 matched but the figures are building and building all the time. Tonight one of the four races I traded had £327,000 matched which is remarkable. Anyway to save me doing a lot of writing I’ve done three videos for you…

  • Effort in Trading Betfair
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Efforts and Courage are not enough

    March Betfair Trading Update I started trading in Jan 2019 and as a long term “work from home” person I trade almost every day and in the intervening 15 months I’ve had just one green month in all that time. After getting some help from my new mentor and embracing his methods from 25th Feb I was confident that I’d be green in March. I didn’t quite manage it and that has been tough to take. Having had some time to reflect on it though I’ve realised that it wasn’t too bad a month in the grand scheme of things. If for no other reason than of all the losing…

  • Betfair Trading,  Gambling News,  In-Running

    Carry On Racing

    It takes more than Coronavirus to stop the Irish racing industry! Fantastic news that Irish Racing will continue, albeit with stricter guidelines in place, though that decision will be under daily review. No public allowed to watch, which we already knew about but the main new rules state the following. No horses allowed from overseas, which is sensible. Though due to the travel restrictions in place from most countries worldwide currently they’d have had a job getting there in any case. Zero owners allowed at the track at all. I think when behind closed doors was first discussed for the UK they were looking at just one owner. So syndicates…

  • Kamikaze Trading
    Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Kamikaze Trading has to stop

    February 2020 Trading Update Here is my Betfair Exchange Trading update for Feb 2020. OK so I started the month as a man with a plan. I’d mentally set up my own stop loss system to cut out the big losing days. Apart from my own mental stop loss, my 3 strategy changes for this month were to be. Switch to “liability” rather than “staking” which I did from 3rd Feb onwards. I pledged not to lay anything at the business end of a race. No longer will I be laying anything with just a hint all is not well. I’m planning to wait a little longer till I can…

  • Matchbook Betting Exchange Closes for business
    Gambling News

    Matchbook Betting Exchange

    Beware if you have money on deposit in the Matchbook Sports Betting exchange. Triplebet Limited is to close for UK customers. Initially it’s reported that this is a temporary closure, but how temporary is temporary. A few weeks or maybe months who knows? My advice is withdraw your funds immediately. *See Matchbook T&C’s at the bottom of the article in the summary. Matchbook Suspended According to Matchbook themselves there is nothing to worry about, but if they are just “suspended” until they meet the requirements set out by the Gambling Commission there is no guarantee that they’ll ever come up to the level required. In fairness I’ve always liked Matchbook…

  • Gambling News,  Matched Betting

    Smarkets Trading Exchange: Beware

    If like me, you have an old Smarkets account from when you were Matched Betting double check to see if you have any money in it. When I was matched betting full-time, I used to have loads of money all over the place, lots in every exchange, Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook and Smarkets and often a fair bit of money in up to 30 online bookmaker accounts at any one time. Keeping track of it all was a job in itself. When I started to concentrate on Trading I had over £5,000 in Betfair, £1,800 in Betdaq and a few hundred in Smarkets and Matchbook. (Not sure of the exact figures)…

  • Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Two Steps Back, My January Update

    January Trading Update January was a horror show for me results wise. Over the last few months lots of people have commented on my twitter account either in the replies or via DM that they like my honesty about my trading results. Well I’ve got to tell you there were points in the month of Jan when I was thinking to myself “I can’t post these results up”. It’s totally embarrassing that I’ve had such a dreadful month, my worst by a long way since I switched to In-Running from pre-race on 26th April 2019. At the start of the month if you’d told me I was going to end…

  • Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    Tough Decisions. My December Update

    Well this is tough, but I’ve made a decision on how I’m going to trade for the foreseeable future. For the benefit of people who read all my trading updates I don’t want to go into too much detail on my past trading history but in brief: Re-Cap: I work from home so I’m able to trade about 600+ races a month as I can fit work around my trading. I started trading Jan 2019 trying to scalp pre-race. I lost lots of money. I switched to In-Running from April 26th after buying Tony Hargreaves (TH) In-Running guide*. I immediately liked In-Running (IR) trading much better, but I still lost.…

  • Betfair Trading,  In-Running

    November Trading Update

    So, November was a HUGE learning curve for me, attempting to learn how to trade In-Running in a way which was totally alien to everything I’d learnt since the 26th April this year. I attended the Hunting for Profit (HFP) trading course on the 4th Nov (Blog post here if you want to read about it) I didn’t trade at all on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Nov so the new month on my spreadsheet would just be HFP method stats. My plan was/is to fully embrace the HFP In-Running method for at least 300 – 400 races or a month whichever was longer and then see how it’s going.…

  • Betfair Trading

    Trading Update Oct 2019

    For anyone who doesn’t know, I started trading in January 2019 and have lost money every month since, some months a considerable amount. At the end of April, I switched to trading in-running instead of pre-race and liked it immediately. I could see the potential and was convinced I could do well at it. It isn’t easy and although I learnt the techniques involved quite quickly, turning the technique into a skill takes time and practise. You also need discipline in spades. Even though I still kept on losing when I switched to in-running, my losses have been reducing steadily month on month as I’ve ironed out mistakes and slightly…

  • Bet Angel Set Up
    Betfair Trading

    My In-Running Trading Set Up

    You’d be surprised how often I get asked on Twitter questions like “what stakes do you use” or what’s your set up like etc. So rather than replying to everyone individually I thought I’d just do a quick video. It will take longer than a reply but I’ll only have to do it once! 13th Feb 2020: Update OK so this post is now out of date so I will do a new post and video shortly. Bet Angel software you can access it here. Free 14 Day Trial. Summary So whichever software you use if you are starting out with In-Running trading on horse races my best advice is…

  • Betfair Trading

    Bet Angel Meet & Greet

    Not so long-ago Peter Webb (Bet Angel Founder) mentioned on Twitter (@BetAngel) that he was doing a “Meet & Greet” event on the 15th July 2019 at the Bet Angel offices for anyone interested. It was only open to a maximum of 6 people, so after quickly reading the details I booked a spot. I’m so glad I did as I found it a worthwhile day. For anyone thinking of attending a future meet and greet event let me say you will need to have realistic expectations of the event as it’s not a training/ coaching event. Which for the cost of a spot (£10 + Vat) is hardly likely?…

  • Gambling News

    Moon Landing Bet @ 1,000/1

    I’m sure all of us have seen that old footage of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon surface for the first time and saying those immortal words. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. To celebrate the #Apollo50th anniversary it has been shown on every news station and there have been a spate of documentaries on the moon landings recently. However there is a great story you may not be so familiar with, but as a “punter” it caught my eye. A lesser known and incredible moon landing story: I saw a tweet thread by @jburnmurdoch recently which outlines the incredible gamble. In March 1964, David Threlfall…

  • Betfair Trading

    Betfair Sort Yourself Out!

    We (exchange traders) should all be worried when Betfair is struggling to find it’s own arse using both hands. I’ve had 4 emails from Betfair in the last week or so that sums up their general incompetence but that is the least of my worries. Let’s deal with the relatively minor issue of the emails. Here is the first one. Hooray I’m a winner! LOL, I trade currently at £2 stakes as I’m still honing my in-running skills so the amount I bet is relativity small. When I last got a cash race bonus is was £2 or £3. So this didn’t excite me too much but hey free money…

  • Poker

    Brandon Sheils: UK’s Rising Poker Star

    I got to chat with Brandon Sheils one of the UK’s brightest up and coming poker stars. He talks about how he started playing poker initially with his Mom, Dad and older brother Richard. The interview will certainly give you an insight into his love of the game, how he approaches it and his plans to master it. He also explains the way he plans to tackle this years World Poker Series in Las Vegas. Sound Quality We recorded the interview stood outside the Genting Casino at Resorts World on 11th May 2019. We were both there to play Day 2 of the GPS main event. (Very thin brag on…

  • Genting Poker Series Resorts World

    Genting GPS Main Event: Resorts World Super Satellite

    The video below contains some of my random thoughts about the satellite etc. Below the video you’ll find a short review of the venue as well. Review of the cardroom As a review for the benefit of anyone who has never been there to play poker the cardroom is excellent. Really very well run by Rich Wootten and his team. Lots of good supervisors (and plenty of them) the room has the best standard of dealing in the West Midlands currently. If you go further afield than the West Midlands then you’ll certainly find it on a par with DTD for organisation and general stands of professionalism. Tournament Schedule There…

  • Betfair Trading

    In Play Trading

    I’ve traded in-play on Betfair before but normally when my scalping attempts went wrong pre-race. When that happens it normally goes completely wrong in-play and that’s where every newbie Betfair trader does their spuds. Today I attempted to trade in-play as a deliberate strategy. I traded 42 horse races on Betfair today and lost £14.34 on the day. I’m actually very pleased as I was trying this new strategy (well new to me) for the first time. It actually worked very well and but for one very bad bit of luck which cost me £35.22 and a mistake of my own making that cost me £17.19 so I was very…

  • Betfair Trading

    Bet Angel Review | Soccer Mystic

    I’ve done a very quick off the cuff video showing a quick review of Soccer Mystic via Bet Angel. More detailed information can be found below the video along with a link for you to try Bet Angel “Free” for 28 days. How did Soccer Mystic help me? What I perhaps didn’t explain well or indeed even correctly in the unscripted video was exactly how the Bet Angel tool was able to help me make a profit. I don’t know much about football trading but a simple strategy that is so old it’s got whiskers on it, is to lay the draw and then wait for someone to score and…

  • Matched Betting

    Matched Betting Guide

    I’ve decided to do some Matched Betting guide videos to help people who are new to matched betting (MB). This one is prompted by someone who emailed in a few questions and the one I thought I’d deal with in this tutorial is as follows. The questioner writes: “So let’s say ballpark figures, would putting £250 in a new bank account to cover the qualifying bets and £250 in Betfair to cover the lays, would that cut the mustard? Or is that not enough? Well £500 is more than enough as it is possible to start MB with just £100. To be honest you could start with just £50 but…

  • Betfair Trading

    Ultragold for the National

    This isn’t a tip, I don’t do tips. (mainly because I don’t have a clue about horses) but a friend who does study the form likes Ultragold a lot. So for fun more than anything I’ve had a small bet on Ultragold for the Grand National. Backed it @130 for the win and @15.14 to place. When I originally backed it we had no idea if it would run but as it gets closer to the big day it’s still declared and is now trading @80 If it goes to post I expect it to be no more than @40 Anyway as I say this isn’t a tip and I…

  • Betfair Trading

    Betfair Trading, my Saturday afternoon

    OK so today I decided to film on and off throughout the day as a way of charting my progress with my Betfair Trading. Saturday is often a good day to trade on the exchange as there is more “Liquidity” in the market as the “Standard” punters (I hate calling them mug punters) are in the pub, phone in hand backing the ITV races etc. I’m very new to this and I’m still learning a lot as I go along. The video is started and paused briefly throughout the afternoon so you effectivley see my results over the entire afternoon in one 5 min video. It’s just to show each…

  • Poker

    Hill Street Blues

    There has been a lot of discussion in the Midlands lately about the demise of the Grosvenor Hill Street’s (H St) card room, so I’ve decided to write a post about it. Jon Baker (ex-cardroom manager) is nobody’s fool and he saw the writing on the wall with some of the changes head office were inflicting on him and the cardroom. We were all sad to see Jon leave but seriously can we blame him? The hours that cardroom staff work are not ideal for a someone with a young family, and the cardroom was under real pressure not just from its own head office but also from Resorts World…

  • Card Cheat

    Card Cheat Gets Life Ban From Every G Casino.

    Scandal at the G Coventry this week when news breaks of a well known regular getting a life ban from every G Casino in the country. How long he’d been doing it for I don’t think anyone really knows but the first person to question it was an APAT member during the recent APAT weekend (March 26th). Apparently the APATer who’d made an early exit from the main event played the normal Saturday night £15 comp in the evening. Self Deal Tournament This is a self deal tourney and the cheat was spotted by the APAT member rigging the deck prior to dealing. At the time the cardroom supervisor (CS)…

  • Online Poker

    You win some, you lose some

    Funny night online! As anyone who knows me will testify I rarely play online. When I do it’s normally to try and satellite into a live event. Played two satellite events tonight, one was free-roll to win a seat in the Luton GUKPT and the other was for a seat in the DTD £300 deepstack on 7th August. Both started at 8.00 pm which isn’t great for me as I prefer to concentrate on just one game. However things start off fairly good in both and I’m ahead of the chip average and things looking pretty good. I’m concentrating on DTD the most as I’ve paid 12 euros to enter…

  • Poker

    Live Tournament Poker, enough for one day.

    Over a month ago I won a 5 euro satellite, which got me a seat to the Super 50 Deepstack at DTD. However as the date clashed with the England World Cup game they cancelled it and entered me for the one dated 17th July instead. The Super 50 is a great idea and has been successful for DTD. It offers the chance to small buy in, recreational, players to get the feel of playing a bigger event for a relatively small amount. At just £50+6 most casual players can afford/justify playing an event like this once a month. On the 15th July I posted about how well the new…

  • Poker

    Hard Earned Free Money

    At my age I don’t like to play two nights running, and I’m playing the Super 50 Deepstack at DTD which starts Sat 17th at 3.00pm, so I decided not to play Friday evening like normal. Therefore opted to go to the G Cov yesterday (Thurs) as I wanted to play the cash game there. Arrived after the tourney been running an hour but no cash games had started. I planned to just wait for the cash to start however the tourney was “FREE” to enter, so I sat in. The comp was a £1,000 guaranteed Free-roll with unlimited re buys and an add on for the first 2 x…

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    WSOP 2010 Standing On The Virtual Rail

    Been following various pokernews updates with interest this summer. Very pleased to see so many UK players doing really well in this years W.S.O.P. Some of the players I’ve never even met, but like most people I’ve been thrilled to see them do well. Praz Bansi, James Dempsey, Richard Ashby, are 3 I’ve never met. From interviews I’ve seen with many top US players it’s clear that Praz has earned their respect and is clearly now one of the best tournament players in the world right now. James “Flushy” Dempsey post’s on the Blonde Poker Forum but I won’t hold that against him. Of this years successful UK players the…

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    G Casino Coventry, £50 Deepstack, £5,000 Guaranteed

    The G Casino group having taken over the Isle Casino inside the Ricoh football stadium (Coventry) a while ago, is finally starting to show the improvement that I was hoping for. The casino has always looked brilliant and is the best casino in the UK for comfort, decor, facilities etc. However in my younger days I pulled this girl who looked stunning but she was about as exciting as a bundle of wet washing. Looking good just isn’t enough! (Though I perhaps wouldn’t be so fussy at my age now.) Although the G immediately organised a summer festival when they took over the Ilse and added it to their schedule…

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    Reasons why I hate online poker #1

    Just got knocked out of an APAT online qualifier. No problem it happens, a lot! But what annoyed me is someone typed in “LOL” when I busted. I’m not a violent man and have never been one for fisty cuffs and at my age and state of fitness I’d be unwise to start now. But trust me in that moment I could cheerfully have killed whoever it was. Obviously that sort of thing rarely happens live as you need a bit more nerve to give a rub down like that at a live event. So reasons I hate online poker #1 is pip squeaks get a lot braver in the…

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    Aussie Millions 2007

    I’ve been playing poker many years and for the large part I could question whether or not I could have done something more constructive with my free time. However this really was the trip of a lifetime and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Satellite success! I won my seat via Party Poker. They were running $200 + $15 “finals” each Sunday throughout Dec 2006 and I was lucky enough to win a seat into the Sunday final via a $3 re-buy satellite. My spend on the satellite was $9.    (entry, immediate re-buy and add on) I had a real sweat winning my seat for the $215 final…

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    The Early Days

    Warning: This post is 13,500 words long. Cliff Notes: I’ve been a gambling in general and playing poker in particular for a very long time. Age 11 I think it was age 11, (1970) but my mother thinks it actually happened at an even earlier age than that. I don’t remember it at all, but when I was very young maybe 3 or 4 years old my mom’s brother (Uncle Les) came to stay with us for about 4 weeks. Apparently he had a pack of cards and one day to entertain me whilst mom was cooking, he sat me at the dining room table with him whilst he was…