Back for Profit 1 year review
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Back For Profit: 1 Year Review

B4P 1 Year Review

Exactly one year ago (19th Feb 2020) I joined the Back for Profit Trading Academy. So here is my B4P review one year in.

If you haven’t already done so you should probably read my original review here first, as it is quite detailed.

Back 4 Profit

It took me a while to get to where I am now but thank heaven, I finally found B4P. I have recorded my monthly updates (my trading report) on this blog so you can see exactly how I’ve done month on month even from before I joined B4P.

I joined B4P on February 19th, 2020 and did what most new members do by diving in too fast. Fortunately, on the 24th Feb after I’d finished trading Andrew rang me up and gave me a bollocking for the way I’d been trading.

We were on the phone for over an hour and that call was the start of my path towards trading success. We set out a framework which, for the most part, I’ve followed ever since.

How does it Compare?

I get so many other traders approach me and ask how it differs from “XYZ’s” trading method or “ABC’s” trading method.

In truth it is almost impossible to answer that question. If I really tried hard to answer the question I’d be giving too much away.

What I will say is, discipline and patience are the two things you need above all else. Race reading skills can help but are of less importance.

Very Easy, Very Hard

We don’t watch all the races at B4P. Only certain races match our criteria.

To keep this simple let’s, say 4 meetings x 7 races = 28 but only 14 match the criteria.

So now I have a maximum of 14 races to watch. Doing that bit is the easiest thing in the world. 14 times I do absolutely nothing!

Of the fourteen I watch I’m now looking for several things that may or not happen in that race.

For me to trade the way B4P teaches me, I want to see a combination of things. Let’s call them A, B & C.

Now in every race one of A, B or C will definitely happen but just one of them is a “no trade”. We want A, B and C all to happen in the same race. That does not happen very often. In fact, it might not happen once in the whole day.

So again, easiest thing in the world I do absolutely nothing, an awful lot of the time.

The problem is that for a lot of traders, doing absolutely nothing is the hardest thing in the world.  Over the past 12 months I’ve struggled with this at times and it is a daily struggle that never goes away.

I just manage the mental side of it so much better now. A year in I have total confidence that I will spot an opportunity I just need to wait. Sometimes they are like buses and you get two in two races.

Do I still F’up, yes of course I do. I traded badly in December 2020 and I had a bad red earlier this month but I can accept that now and move on.

Last month I won £1,000 and I was certain I would do it again this month, but it looks less likely now.

I have traded pretty well on the whole this month, but weather has lost us lots of jumps meetings (which I prefer) and that has reduced my opportunities.

Virtually every new trader who joins after a month or two knows pretty much what the system is all about, but the doing absolutely nothing bit, kills them every time.

So many type in the Telegram room “I know I shouldn’t have traded it but…”

Rather than wait for the right scenario they just couldn’t help themselves.

What B4P is looking for is easy, safe trades at a decent price.

Doing nothing is the most difficult thing for most traders and time seems to go so slowly some days, but ill-discipline is the fastest way to blow a bank.

One year on.

You can see my results below. It has been a quiet month this month so far with quite a few jumps meetings (which I prefer) cancelled due to the weather.

My first review

I wrote the first review of Back for Profit on 17th May when in truth I hadn’t really cracked it and I wasn’t a really solid trader.

The reason I wrote the review then though was because even though I knew I still had work to do, I was so impressed with the system.

It was then and still is now the best IR trading method in my opinion.

I knew last May that if I couldn’t make this method work I couldn’t make any method of trading work.

Is everyone successful who joins?

No definitely not. I chatted with Andrew about this a couple of weeks ago and he went through some figures with me.

Of all the people who joined B4P in 2019, just 33% of them are still members. Which means 66% have left. Now some might have left because they are so successful they don’t need Andrew anymore.

Andrew has had emails from a few who’ve left who have basically said that.

However most of those who leave will be because they couldn’t make it pay through their own ill-discipline. Quite frankly whichever method of trading they try, I suspect they’d lose.

This isn’t for everyone, doing nothing is so much harder than you might think it is.

A great comment I read recently in the Telegram room from a new member said “Although there’s tons of information, videos and daily advice, I like the fact that at the end of the day, it’s down to you to put the time and effort in and your own success is dependent on yourself.”

Too many people buy an eBook, a video course or sign up to a training event thinking that when they’ve done that their quest for success is over.

No it isn’t. When you join B4P your quest to find trading success is just beginning. You have to work really hard, no training academy makes you successful, only you can do that.

B4P just gives you all the tools you need, you have to work hard with them.

My Level

Since I joined I’ve gone from being a long-term losing trader through the process of becoming a break even trader and now I’m on to actually being a consistently profitable trader.

Currently around £1,000 per month which lets be honest isn’t going to see me retiring and lighting cigars with £20 notes anytime soon. But it is starting to become serious money.

Again how far I ultimately take this is 100% up to me.

Thinking of joining?

Don’t think you will instantly win if you join, it is tough to master. Doing nothing is so hard, it really is. If though you think you can steel yourself to be patient then here is the bad news.

Over the last year the numbers in the Academy have steadily grown. Andrew strictly limits the number of new members each month and as the number of people leaving is low, B4P has almost reached its capacity.

Discount Code

Andrew appreciates my blog and likes people who join having read it as it helps to manage peoples expectations. B4P is not a get rich quick method. Too many trading courses are sold with unrealistic advertising, but I’m a real life success story.

So Andrew has allowed me to have a 10% discount code on my blog that people could use.

Back For Profit Discount Code

Password is: Discount10

Normally the membership opens on the last Friday of the month to allow people to join for the next month’s intake.

If you have a question ask Andrew directly via email and if you want to chat send him your phone number and he will call you. I must admit I had a phone chat with him prior to joining and within 5 mins I knew I was going to join!

Andrews email:

Whatever you are doing trading wise I wish you well.

I wrote this “one year review” on the 19th February 2021. You can read my February trading update here to find out how I finished up for the month.


  • Alan

    Hi David,

    Would it be possible to ask you a few questions regarding the difference between Back for Profit and Hunting for Profit and why you decided upon Back for Profit.
    Currently looking at courses and weighing up my options.

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