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Bet Angel Review | Soccer Mystic

I’ve done a very quick off the cuff video showing a quick review of Soccer Mystic via Bet Angel. More detailed information can be found below the video along with a link for you to try Bet Angel “Free” for 28 days.

Soccer Mystic

How did Soccer Mystic help me?

What I perhaps didn’t explain well or indeed even correctly in the unscripted video was exactly how the Bet Angel tool was able to help me make a profit.

I don’t know much about football trading but a simple strategy that is so old it’s got whiskers on it, is to lay the draw and then wait for someone to score and take advantage of the big difference that can make to the prices so you can trade out at a profit.

This is a very basic strategy but I like it because if you are watching a boring 0-0 match it makes it a lot more interesting.

Anyway, I normally wait till about 20 – 30 minutes in to lay the draw so the price has dropped a little from the kick off. You have to remember that when the lay price is higher that means a bigger liability I’ll have to payout if it stays 0-0 throughout the entire match!

Some people only lay the draw if it gets to about 70 minutes at 0-0 which can be good. There have been lots of late goals in the PL this season so I’m sure people have made decent money doing this.

Anyway things went a bit pear shaped as Norwich scored in the 19th minute as I was just thinking about placing a “lay” bet on the draw.

Then Sheffield Wednesday equalised in the 33rd min, which surprised me but it meant I could now lay the draw again as it had brought us back to square one.

When Sheffield took the lead in the 53rd min it went a bit haywire and I was in and out of the market a couple of times before finally I bottled out and closed my position for a profit of £1.30p. At one point my liability was a bit scary so I was glad to get out.

Now pre-match Norwich were strong favourites to win but when they were 1-2 down with time ticking away it didn’t look good for them to win as Sheffield were playing out of their skins.

So I checked the price being predicted by Soccer Mystic on Norwich to win and it said that Norwich should be about 6.0 (5/1) to win the game from that point. (Remember they needed to score at least twice to win and there wasn’t much more than 30 minutes to go)

I checked the actual prices on Betfair and found that I could lay them @ 3.90 so I did so for £20. Now if Norwich scored 2 quick goals I’d have been in trouble but I felt quite confident.

With no goals being scored and the clock ticking, the price started to drift on a Norwich win, so I took some profit out by “backing” Norwich to win @ 5.2 for £5.

This did two things it reduced my liability (risk) and meant that even if Norwich scored to equalise I would still be in a reasonable position.

I think there must have been an awful lot of Norwich fans confident or deluded depending on your point of view, who still thought they’d win because they still kept the price down way below what it should have been.

Norwich were now attacking like crazy and the price went down again, even though it should have been rising as each minute passed! So I couldn’t resist laying it again @ 4.80 for £5.

When the price drifted out a bit more I backed them @ 5.1 for £5 to take out a bit more profit.

Now time was getting nearer to 90 mins so I layed them again @ 6.0 for £5 because Soccer Mystic was quoting 9.5 and finally I traded out completely by backing them to win for £11.84 @ 6.8 (The odd amount, £11.84, to bet to trade out fully is calculated by the Bet Angel software)

I can’t remember how long was left when I closed the trade out completely but Norwich were throwing everything at Sheffield so I didn’t want to chance it. All in all backing/laying Norwich to win I was happy to lay for a total of £30 (£20 + 2 x £5) and make £8.16 on it plus the £1.30 I made backing/laying the draw. So around £9.50 total profit on the match.

Obviously I couldn’t care less what happened after I’d cashed out but Norwich didn’t win though they did score a great equaliser from a direct free kick in the 97th minute!

So Soccer Mystic’s guidance on what the odds should have been on Norwich to win from 1-2 down with the amount of time left based on the data from thousands of games highlighted to me that there was value on offer.

Yes things might have gone against me but value is value and if you keep backing or laying at better odds that the true probability of a result occurring then long term you are guaranteed to make money.

Bet Angel Professional the best trading software on the market

To try “Soccer Mystic” via Bet Angel via the buy button below. Even though the button says “buy now” you can actually get a free trial to see if you like it.

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The link to Bet Angel is an affiliate link. You will qualify for the free trail via this link and if you ultimately decide to invest in Bet Angel to help you with your Sports Trading then I may get a commission. The purchase price will be the same whether you use the link to visit Bet Angel or go direct to them, so I’d appreciate it if you used my link.

Soccer Mystic Summary

Soccer Mystic really helps you analyse football matches in play because it uses real historical data to predict how the odds will move up or down and by how much when someone scores. It will help with things like home/away win or the draw. As well as more complicated things like the correct score, and under/over goals scored etc.

So, if you have a traded position in the market for any football match you can ask Soccer Mystic what the price will be if either team were to score a goal. It also shows how the price will alter as time elapses if no one scores. That info can really help you decide whether to stick or twist with your current position.

Rather than just guessing it will give you a better handle on the likely market movements and enable you to make better decisions. It doesn’t guarantee you’ll win of course as anything can happen but long term if you make better decisions with your football trading over a big sample size of matches traded, then long term it will improve your profitability.

If you currently back and lay lots of football matches, or you’d like to start, then I’d certainly recommend Bet Angel’s Soccer Mystic as it will certainly help you be more structured in your trading.

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