Card Cheat

Card Cheat Gets Life Ban From Every G Casino.

Scandal at the G Coventry this week when news breaks of a well known regular getting a life ban from every G Casino in the country.

How long he’d been doing it for I don’t think anyone really knows but the first person to question it was an APAT member during the recent APAT weekend (March 26th). Apparently the APATer who’d made an early exit from the main event played the normal Saturday night £15 comp in the evening.

Self Deal Tournament

This is a self deal tourney and the cheat was spotted by the APAT member rigging the deck prior to dealing. At the time the cardroom supervisor (CS) couldn’t very well ban the guy on the uncorroborated word of one person, especially as the accused was a regular who was popular and apparently of good character.

Anyway although nothing more was done at the time the CS was now on the case. He made sure that the cameras were on him the next time he visited the club and was dealing. The footage was reviewed and his not so subtle cheating was clearly visible.

At the G Cov all the tables in the cardroom have cameras on them and they also have others that can be trained in on the action when required.

Self Deal card cheat

The footage revealed absolute proof that he was indeed cheating. On the day in question he had already been eliminated from the comp and was now just volunteering to deal. Why you might ask as how can he benefit from cheating if he’s not playing?

Well his other half was in seat 1 and she was the beneficiary of several premium starting hands when the comp was down to the last 4 players.

Difficult to explain in writing but basically when he was gathering the cards in he would find an Ace and put it on top of the deck and then 3 other cards then another Ace.

He would then shuffle without disturbing the top of the deck and start to deal. She got the 1st card off the top, an Ace, and then 3 cards later the other Ace.

He was invited into the office at the casino and shown the footage, almost unbelievably he was still trying to deny all knowledge even at this point!

I have it on good authority that his missus also went into the office whilst the interview was underway and what happened while she was in there seemed to suggest that she was genuinely unaware of what he was doing.

Clearly if she’d known what he was doing and was therefore party to it she would have been banned also.

She has not been banned, though she’s not been back since. I somehow doubt she’ll feel particularly comfortable in there as everyone in the club knows about this now.

Benefit of the Doubt

Some would seriously doubt that she wouldn’t have known what he was doing but I have spent quite a time on the same table as her over the last year or so in the G Cov and am therefore inclined to give her the benefit. I have always liked her and found her to be a genuine person.

Well done G Cov I say on several points. Firstly for taking note of a customers accusations and acting on them without making a fuss so as to warn him.

Cleverly making sure they had irrefutable evidence prior to tackling him and thirdly for taking decisive action and banning the guy forever.

He’d actually won a Goliath seat in one of the £1 lottery draws and that has now been withdrawn and given to the person in second place.

The Old One Two.

In other happier news, Derek (my oldest friend) and I went to the G Cov to play the re-buy comp last night.

We always exchange 10% of any comp we both play.

There were only 30 runners last night but even so quite an achievement, I think, when we chopped it heads up. We’ve never ever done that before in literally hundreds of tourneys we’ve jointly played in.

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