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    Carry On Racing

    It takes more than Coronavirus to stop the Irish racing industry! Fantastic news that Irish Racing will continue, albeit with stricter guidelines in place, though that decision will be under daily review. No public allowed to watch, which we already knew about but the main new rules state the following. No horses allowed from overseas, which is sensible. Though due to the travel restrictions in place from most countries worldwide currently they’d have had a job getting there in any case. Zero owners allowed at the track at all. I think when behind closed doors was first discussed for the UK they were looking at just one owner. So syndicates…

  • Matchbook Betting Exchange Closes for business
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    Matchbook Betting Exchange

    Beware if you have money on deposit in the Matchbook Sports Betting exchange. Triplebet Limited is to close for UK customers. Initially it’s reported that this is a temporary closure, but how temporary is temporary. A few weeks or maybe months who knows? My advice is withdraw your funds immediately. *See Matchbook T&C’s at the bottom of the article in the summary. Matchbook Suspended According to Matchbook themselves there is nothing to worry about, but if they are just “suspended” until they meet the requirements set out by the Gambling Commission there is no guarantee that they’ll ever come up to the level required. In fairness I’ve always liked Matchbook…

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    Smarkets Trading Exchange: Beware

    If like me, you have an old Smarkets account from when you were Matched Betting double check to see if you have any money in it. When I was matched betting full-time, I used to have loads of money all over the place, lots in every exchange, Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook and Smarkets and often a fair bit of money in up to 30 online bookmaker accounts at any one time. Keeping track of it all was a job in itself. When I started to concentrate on Trading I had over £5,000 in Betfair, £1,800 in Betdaq and a few hundred in Smarkets and Matchbook. (Not sure of the exact figures)…

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    Moon Landing Bet @ 1,000/1

    I’m sure all of us have seen that old footage of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon surface for the first time and saying those immortal words. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. To celebrate the #Apollo50th anniversary it has been shown on every news station and there have been a spate of documentaries on the moon landings recently. However there is a great story you may not be so familiar with, but as a “punter” it caught my eye. A lesser known and incredible moon landing story: I saw a tweet thread by @jburnmurdoch recently which outlines the incredible gamble. In March 1964, David Threlfall…


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