Genting Poker Series Resorts World

Genting GPS Main Event: Resorts World Super Satellite

The video below contains some of my random thoughts about the satellite etc. Below the video you’ll find a short review of the venue as well.

Review of the cardroom

As a review for the benefit of anyone who has never been there to play poker the cardroom is excellent. Really very well run by Rich Wootten and his team. Lots of good supervisors (and plenty of them) the room has the best standard of dealing in the West Midlands currently.

If you go further afield than the West Midlands then you’ll certainly find it on a par with DTD for organisation and general stands of professionalism.

Tournament Schedule

There is no point me posting up the current schedule as it probably won’t age well. Suffice to say they offer the best guarantees in the West Midlands on a regular basis. If you search on Facebook in the Midlands Poker Forum group or the Poker Doctor group you’ll be able to see what’s on. On average they have £30 – £50 comps most days with guarantees between £2k – £5k.

Occasional £80 – £100 comps with bigger guarantees and usually once a month they run a comp with multiple day 1’s for about £50 that collects £20k as a minimum. (Sometimes £40k)


The valet service is a bit hit and miss, often I find that they come round quite often in the early part of the evening but the visits seem to get less and less as the night progresses.

Cash Games at Resorts World

I’m not a cash player these days, but they do seem to have very good cash action there with plenty of cash games going on. When I wander into the “Players Room” (The cash game area) there always seems to be piles and piles of chips on the tables. Some of the games get very deep. There is never any game less than £1/£1 which for me personally is a shame. Jamie Bott certainly does a good job promoting it as there are always games there every time I visit.

If I bust a tournament early and there was a small game in which I could maybe win my tournament buy-in back and have some fun/banter at the table I would play it . However I don’t want to sit down and feel I have to put upwards of £200 on the table as that has to be taken seriously.

I don’t want to look like a bigger knob than usual by loading up £40 when everyone is sat with £400.

Casino Main Floor

The main casino floor is nice, with excellent facilities and the Resorts World centre itself offers shops, restaurants, bars, a cinema etc etc. The casino seems to have more staff than you could point a stick at. Sadly some of the very attractive young female croupiers make me feel very old.

Valet service at the table games is 1st class (there’s a surprise)

The food offering in the casino isn’t the most exciting menu I’ve ever seen but it’s adequate.

If there is a one hour break (which they have on the GPS events) or I’m meeting someone earlier I would normally pop downstairs to Nando’s, Gourmet Burger or Miller & Carter.

Gourmet Burger
Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Car Parking

Good and bad on this side of things. They validate the car park tickets for you so it’s free so that’s a positive. Remember though the venue is at the NEC and if there is a big event on like a concert or the Motor Show/Crufts etc then it can be a nightmare to get anywhere near. The normal RW car park is right outside the door (and under cover) but some of the overflow car-parks are a 10 minute walk away and it’s not funny if its pissing down with rain.


Transport links of course are second to none as it is right by Birmingham Airport, the “Birmingham International” train station and the M42/M6 motorways.

Overall a great poker venue and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone visiting the Midlands.


  • Darren Sutton

    Agree about the card room valets
    Also the menu has actually got worse over the last year..And portions smaller.
    Total agreement on the cash game..also I stopped playing cash when it became no limit and some of the thought factor and skill was lost..
    Good blog keep it going.
    Hope to catch up soon

  • Mark Conway

    Excellent review of the place Dave. For me the only place to play poker in the West Midlands right now. As for the parking, it can be a bit daunting when the attendant says the main car park is full and you have to go to the overflow and you have absolutely no idea where to go, which I think is Car Park E if I remember correctly. But there is a gap in the bushes dead opposite the exit of the car park which leads to the lake so its not all that bad, but yeah, not great if it’s raining.
    As for the food, can I recommend the Chinese Noodles with chicken if anyone eats there, quite a large portion, very nice, and quite filling.
    Keep up the good work Dave.👍

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