Matched Betting

This page just covers the basics to matched betting so you can get an idea of how easy it is and why it works so effectively as a long term profit maker. Matched betting is NOT gambling, the profits are tax free and if you follow the simple instructions you literally cannot lose using the matched betting system.

Watch the quick video that explains the concept and under that is another video showing the tools I use and how easy it is.

You’ll need a Betfair Account, if you haven’t already got one, to lay the bets with.

Matched Betting Software

I currently use OddsMonkey and think that for the money it’s terrific. It costs about £18 per month but if you’re not making at least 20 times that in profits you’re doing something wrong.

You can sign up for a free trial via this link: OddsMonkey


Other options on Matched Betting software.

When I first started Matched Betting I signed up to a company called Profit Accumulator and used their oddsmatchers and calculators. At the time I’d not heard of OddsMonkey.

When I discovered OddsMonkey I found they were half the price for the monthly subscription so I switched. (They offer very similar software etc)

As it turned out lots of other Matched Bettors also switched so eventually PA dropped their price to match OddsMonkey. So now you can choose between the two they are, virtually identical.

Is Matched Betting Legal?

In the UK it is legal, but if you’d like a more in depth to the question read this article about “Is matched betting legal“.