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You’d be surprised how often I get asked on Twitter questions like “what stakes do you use” or what’s your set up like etc. So rather than replying to everyone individually I thought I’d just do a quick video.

It will take longer than a reply but I’ll only have to do it once!

So watch the video below and I’ll summarise it at the foot of the page for you.

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OK just a couple of things I forgot to explain in the video. I use £2.10 and £5.20 and £10.30 (odd amounts) due to the Betfair commission. I normally green out but if I don’t because its fallen or tailed off 40 lengths behind then I don’t. In that instance when I used to use £2 stakes it annoyed me that I hadn’t actually won £2 because of the commission reduction. Back in the days when I paid 5% that used to cover that for me. So that’s why the odd amount.

The horse race video did freeze a few times because I was recording my screen (it does use up a lot of juice) so the sink of the in-play trader and the actual pictures may have been slightly off.

I was a bit annoyed I was doing the video and concentrating on that rather than trading because the horse on ladder one was under pressure way out.

If I was trading that race rather than filming I’d have put a couple of £2.10 lay bets in on that for sure! If you missed it re-watch the race and you can clearly see that “Key Choice” was never going to win.

I hope you found that useful, if you have any Questions ask away in the comments or get in touch via Twitter. @DrainRun

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