Trading Milestone
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Trading Milestone

I bought Tony Hargraves’s “In-Running Guide” on the 26th April 2019 and barring holiday’s, the odd day off for a poker tournament and days with no racing I’ve traded In-Running (IR) almost every day since.

Prior to IR I tried pre-race scalping for about four months.

Happy Birthday

So I’ve completed a year now and so far I’ve had one green month. This month though barring late slip ups should be my second green month.

That should be proof enough to show it’s not easy, regardless of what people might tell you. It requires some skill (race reading ability) which takes a lot of screen time to master, it requires an appreciation for order flow (weight of money on the ladders) and it takes much bigger balls than pre-race trading because it all happens a lot faster IR.

I guarantee anyone trying it for the first time will experience that “rabbit in the headlights” feeling initially.

What IR really needs though more than anything is, good bank management and discipline.

Apart from when I briefly flirted with the “Hunting for Profit” method around Nov/Dec 2019 I’ve pretty much been a L2B trader the whole time.

In the entire 12 months I’ve struggled with the same old problem, lots and lots of small wins followed by one huge loss.

About two months ago I started working with a new mentor* and he has really changed the way I think about trading IR. Due to him I feel I’ve already made a lot of progress and together with the previous 10 months experience I’ve gained, means I’m way better now than when I started.

Even though I’m so much better than I was a year ago I can’t say I’ve cracked IR yet. However, I believe that I now have the right tools and guidance that’s for sure.

So many people would have thrown in the towel by now and you could certainly argue that I should have done. I’m convinced though that there is a very fine line between where I am now and where I want to be. That just makes me more determined to cross it.

*There is no point saying who I’m working with currently as he isn’t taking any new people on while there is no UK racing, but in the not too distant future I will do a review on his service if anyone is interested.

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