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Ultragold for the National

This isn’t a tip, I don’t do tips. (mainly because I don’t have a clue about horses) but a friend who does study the form likes Ultragold a lot. So for fun more than anything I’ve had a small bet on Ultragold for the Grand National.

Backed it @130 for the win and @15.14 to place.

When I originally backed it we had no idea if it would run but as it gets closer to the big day it’s still declared and is now trading @80

If it goes to post I expect it to be no more than @40

Anyway as I say this isn’t a tip and I don’t encourage out and out gambling. The horse is a great jumper and a front runner so if he gets around the first circuit still in contention the price will plummet so my intention is to trade out.

Why Ultragold?

Why does my friend like Ultragold? Well he tells me that “He’s won the Friday Topham for the last two years, and he backed him both times. He thought after last years victory that the connections would want to have a crack at the Grand National in 2019. Both Colin and Joe Tizzard (trainer and son) confirmed that to be the case early in the year. He’s got a lovely low weight and goes on any ground.”

The photo of Ultragold is courtesy of the Sporting Post. Please gamble responsibly.

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