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Two Years with Back for Profit

I joined the Back for Profit (B4P) in-running (IR) trading academy run by Andrew Banthorpe on the 19th of Feb 2020, so two years in I thought I’d do an update.

Trading wise it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

I’m doing this post as a thank you and to bang the drum for his service because I think he deserves it.

If you haven’t read them here is my first review and second review a year in.

What has B4P done for me?

It has transformed me as a trader from being a long-term consistent loser to being a rock-solid grinder.

At the start of each month, I don’t know how much I will win, but I do know I will win and that’s a terrific position to be in.

Since I hit the £1,000 per month profit mark, I’ve been using the same stakes to plod along ever since. My plan for the next 12 months is to start to increase my stakes bit by bit and see where that takes me.

In fairness Andrew is unlucky that I’m the only member of the group that does this sort of thing. (Blog/Tweet green screens etc)

The truth is there are a big percentage of the members who win WAY MORE than I do. But they never tweet green screens.

In the video below you’ll see that Andrew is winning circa £20k per month and he basically trades an hour or two at most per day.

He never does more than 6 days a week as he always has Sunday off, and often one other day during the week.

So he averages just 30 – 35 trades per month. (Yes per month not per day)

In the video I also show another members 3-month P&L, which shows he is winning 5K per month.

I briefly mentioned the post from Denise in the video which you can read here. In the post she talks about her early struggles as a member of B4P before the penny dropped.

20th Month of Green

Slightly premature as the month isn’t over but February will be my 20th green month in a row.


I’m well aware that this post comes across as an advert for B4P but I don’t care. It is the least I can do to thank Andrew for all he has done for me. We have become great friends over the last 2 years and I’m very grateful for that.

B4P has taught me the following important lessons and not all of them are about trading.

Trading can be great fun but, if you want to be a consistent winner you need to stop pissing about and get your game face on, day after day.

It’s has taught me the importance of having a trading plan and sticking to it.

Stay rigidly to just trading the races that match your race selection criteria and never enter a trade at the business end of the race. That’s just for punters.

Trading is about discipline/patience first, second, third, and fourth. Race reading skills come fifth on the list. B4P has certainly improved my race reading skills a great deal, but that’s almost irrelevant.

When I first started IR trading it was such a buzz and I wanted to trade as many races as I could. So many great days were ruined by over-trading until I finally did a daft red and lose back most if not all my winnings.

Now thanks to Andrew I realise that the biggest buzz of the day is turning Bet Angel off, having done just one or two successful trades and banking that green!

It’s tough to achieve stuff on your own, we all need help and support and the B4P telegram group is terrific. Everyone who contributes is extremely helpful.

GL to you with your trading. Stay green!

If you want to read more about Andrews service visit the Back for Profit Website.

10% Discount off membership

Andrew has kindly offered to give anyone joining back for profit a 10% discount off the joining fee.

Back For Profit Discount Code

Password: Discount10


  • Graham

    Hi David

    The results shown in the image show Oct & Nov are duplicate results. Can you update this to show the correct profit please?

    Many Thanks



    • runlikeadrain

      Well spotted. Amazing how many people have read the post and didn’t notice.

      I lost loads of documents on my PC and couldn’t recover them, even with Microsoft’s help.

      The only backup copy I had was very old so I had to copy the figures over manually from the 18 swallows post and add in all the newer ones from my Betfair account. What a pain that was.

      Anyway lesson learned. I now have two copies with one on an external hard drive.

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