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    You win some, you lose some

    Funny night online! As anyone who knows me will testify I rarely play online. When I do it’s normally to try and satellite into a live event. Played two satellite events tonight, one was free-roll to win a seat in the Luton GUKPT and the other was for a seat in the DTD £300 deepstack on 7th August. Both started at 8.00 pm which isn’t great for me as I prefer to concentrate on just one game. However things start off fairly good in both and I’m ahead of the chip average and things looking pretty good. I’m concentrating on DTD the most as I’ve paid 12 euros to enter…

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    Live Tournament Poker, enough for one day.

    Over a month ago I won a 5 euro satellite, which got me a seat to the Super 50 Deepstack at DTD. However as the date clashed with the England World Cup game they cancelled it and entered me for the one dated 17th July instead. The Super 50 is a great idea and has been successful for DTD. It offers the chance to small buy in, recreational, players to get the feel of playing a bigger event for a relatively small amount. At just £50+6 most casual players can afford/justify playing an event like this once a month. On the 15th July I posted about how well the new…

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    Hard Earned Free Money

    At my age I don’t like to play two nights running, and I’m playing the Super 50 Deepstack at DTD which starts Sat 17th at 3.00pm, so I decided not to play Friday evening like normal. Therefore opted to go to the G Cov yesterday (Thurs) as I wanted to play the cash game there. Arrived after the tourney been running an hour but no cash games had started. I planned to just wait for the cash to start however the tourney was “FREE” to enter, so I sat in. The comp was a £1,000 guaranteed Free-roll with unlimited re buys and an add on for the first 2 x…

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    WSOP 2010 Standing On The Virtual Rail

    Been following various pokernews updates with interest this summer. Very pleased to see so many UK players doing really well in this years W.S.O.P. Some of the players I’ve never even met, but like most people I’ve been thrilled to see them do well. Praz Bansi, James Dempsey, Richard Ashby, are 3 I’ve never met. From interviews I’ve seen with many top US players it’s clear that Praz has earned their respect and is clearly now one of the best tournament players in the world right now. James “Flushy” Dempsey post’s on the Blonde Poker Forum but I won’t hold that against him. Of this years successful UK players the…

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    G Casino Coventry, £50 Deepstack, £5,000 Guaranteed

    The G Casino group having taken over the Isle Casino inside the Ricoh football stadium (Coventry) a while ago, is finally starting to show the improvement that I was hoping for. The casino has always looked brilliant and is the best casino in the UK for comfort, decor, facilities etc. However in my younger days I pulled this girl who looked stunning but she was about as exciting as a bundle of wet washing. Looking good just isn’t enough! (Though I perhaps wouldn’t be so fussy at my age now.) Although the G immediately organised a summer festival when they took over the Ilse and added it to their schedule…

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    Reasons why I hate online poker #1

    Just got knocked out of an APAT online qualifier. No problem it happens, a lot! But what annoyed me is someone typed in “LOL” when I busted. I’m not a violent man and have never been one for fisty cuffs and at my age and state of fitness I’d be unwise to start now. But trust me in that moment I could cheerfully have killed whoever it was. Obviously that sort of thing rarely happens live as you need a bit more nerve to give a rub down like that at a live event. So reasons I hate online poker #1 is pip squeaks get a lot braver in the…


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