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Applying the Blinkers

An unusual post, as this one is not written by me!

Below are Denise Dennison’s views on how her trading has developed over the last year or so.

I’ll let you read it first then add my two pence worth at the end.

Denise Dennison: My trading story.

I joined Back for Profit in September 2020. Previously I had followed another trader I had seen on Twitter posting “green screens” and offering the chance to learn how to trade all day every day for consistent profits.

I started following those teachings in April 2018 and persevered even though I was consistently losing. A friend suggested BFP so I joined.

Denise Dennison

I couldn’t believe the vast amount of information on the BFP website, so as advised I read everything and set about watching all the huge volume of videos of Andrew’s recorded trades. There is so much else of value on the website, which is being updated constantly.

I was amazed when Andrew phoned me and spent quite a lot of time advising me of the pitfalls and the rules to follow. I went in practice mode and then had a go for small stakes. After a week or so I was telling myself, “This is a piece of piss”. All I have to do is follow the basic rules, which stipulate what NOT to do as well.”

The problem was that as I was gaining success following the advice, I was getting complacent and started to push the boundaries and go “off piste”.

I wasted 12 months not listening to the advice and trying to short circuit my success and it simply didn’t work. It’s a game of patience and I went full circle at least twice and ended back where I started after a full year.

Then I thought that if I was going to learn I was going to learn form the best……Andrew. He was always teaching amazing skills and all I had to do was listen and apply it. His mentoring is ongoing and I’m learning something new every day. The discipline and patience is the hard part but I just refused to be beaten.

There are Telegram rooms but no “willy waving” (not easy for a woman anyway). The feel in the rooms is that everyone wants everyone else to succeed and they post the reasoning for their trades, and I find that really useful.

Sometimes Andrew will record a session of his own trading and share that with us. He talks from the perspective of a retired jockey who has ridden many of the courses and can share the finest details and pitfalls to help us.

Andrew is constantly reminding us that all our trades must be “safe trades.” So, we don’t enter unless we have the required element of safety. Safety is something I have never heard mentioned by any other traders and I have now learned that it is crucial to success.

Andrew is so insistent upon incorporating safety that he reminds me of Laurence Olivier in the film “Marathon man” with Dustin Hoffman. He really is a nice man though, not nasty like Laurence!!

No one else other than someone who has been there and done it as a jockey and a trader could impart such valuable knowledge.

Andrew has compiled extensive course videos, where he explains the intricacies of every single racetrack in detail and explains where to enter/exit and more importantly where NOT to.

A night out for me (Denise) at Wolverhampton races

Every day (apart from Sundays when he has a day off) he records a video where he goes through the whole card explaining every race and imparts all sorts of nuggets of advice to help the members.

I have also known him to end his own trading session short (so costing his own earning ability) if someone says they’re struggling. He will abandon his own trading and down tools to help that person.

It feels very personal, and I know we’re all privileged to be learning from a very kind, honest man with high morals who genuinely wants to help everyone. He wants us all to do well and takes great pleasure when someone sends him an email saying how much he has helped them, and in some cases BFP has changed people’s lives.

Currently I’m on a run of 3 consecutive winning months, which I’ve never done before after deciding finally to listen to and apply Andrew’s advice. January 2022 has been my best month where I have doubled my bank since the start of the month.

All I have done is finally apply the blinkers to myself and simply stick to the basics (why didn’t I do that in the first place?)

Small incremental gains soon add up and the power of compounding is amazing.

If you’re going to try to learn to trade horses in running you might as well learn from one of the best (if not the best). There are plenty of systems out there, but I believe that anyone who listens to Andrew and applies his teachings with discipline and patience can succeed at this.

I am really grateful to Andrew for his ongoing support and kindness and can highly recommend Back for Profit as an in running trading service.


My thoughts

Firstly let me say how pleased I am for Denise that she is now starting to get the success her hard work and perseverance deserves.

I got to know Denise via twitter (@DennisonDenise) just prior to when she joined B4P. She is a great addition to the telegram room with her sharp Irish sense of humour.

Denise wanted to write this as a “Thank you” to Andrew and to put on record that she like most members really appreciates the hard work and effort that he puts in to helping us all.

My views on B4P

I’ve written 2 reviews of B4P over the last 2 years (read the first one here) so you can read my thoughts on it.

As Denise has proved it is not a get rich quick scheme. For 90% of people who join the hardest thing of all is to totally abandon all their old habits, and just stick to what Andrew teaches.

Many “traders” and I use the term loosely, join but still think they know best or their degenerate gambling instincts take over and they’re virtually un-teachable.

But if you are capable of trading in a very strict, disciplined way, then it’s a virtually fool proof method of trading safely/profitably in-running on horse races.

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